Training and Showing

Nancy and Vanity Gypsy Town

Nancy and Vanity Gypsy Town

Many of our customers and students enjoy the show circuit and are looking to get the best out of their horse. We believe the best way to achieve this is by combining training techniques such as ground work, work under saddle and in harness (if needed), focused exercises in the various gaits, and workouts in our large outdoor riding ring. We work with you and the horse together, to help build trust and confidence in that partnership. Our results speak for themselves.

Standard Training Services

  • Advanced training and polishing of mature horses, allowing them to prepare for the show circuit.
  • Green breaking – under saddle and in harness – of young horses.
  • Diverse workouts – long line, in hand, under saddle, inside/outside, driving. We keep your horse interested and motivated.
  • No harsh techniques. We work together with your horse to build trust and confidence.

Show Preparation

  • Understanding that entering a ring means “show off”!
  • Desensitization to crowd noise, distractions
  • Learning how to present your horse to the judges in the most productive manner.
  • Building your horse’s muscles and flexibility so the gaits are shown at their best
  • Expert grooming on show day